Q: 如何修改痞克幫CSS背景樣式? - Wise Library 1985


Q: 如何修改痞克幫CSS背景樣式?




注意:如果圖檔超過600px 務必保留原始尺寸


Q: 如何找到圖片的路徑?


google chrome 直接在圖片上點滑鼠右鍵,就有複製影像網址的欄位


Q: 如何修改CSS原始碼編輯?


#banner{background: url(http:網址  )






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model card/sexist,sexy/lovely and beautiful/ュモ、Hク・ニ/Autumn/Winter/makeup 、kコtュ訷kテタ、Hャ・k・ソゥfアBッス セvォャウ]ュpwedding dress code/idol/fashion spot/ dating
ィk、ヘ 、Tウ@twitter / hair style / soundtrck / wedding dress/ honeymoon/ teenager/ beauty/ childhood/ hair style/ in style/キsョQセvォャ actress , beautiful lace wedding dress actress/evening dress/ wedding gown Bridal Tradition Redefined。KDesigner and Sample Gowns EVERY Bride can Afford ヲaケマ ゥ鄂・
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biography/imdb/outfit/ idea/ winter ・ヘャ。キモ、・セvォャ ッタテC films/actress/image/scandal/beauty/ャ・k・ソゥf/twitter ヲnナ・ェココq mv/ poster /summer best / soundtrack/portrait/ Celebrity Style
cover. style
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