Guidelines and Tips of Job-Hunting - Wise Library 1985

Guidelines and Tips of Job-Hunting - Wise Library 1985

How Much Are You Worth? How Much Salary Do You Deserve?

 89% of the American respondents put salary as their first priority in the case of junk-hunting. More than 50% of the survey respondents consider they are underpaid, thereby one of three Americans works as an independent worker in the contemporary era. Dare you request your desirable salary at a job interview? Some occupations are well-paid and some don’t. How to get a better offer? Get an overall perspective of the career you are interested in is a necessity. You must figure out the average monthly salary of your career before you attend a job interview. So you can have a better sense of how to negotiate your salary.


The following are dos and don’ts of salary negotiation at a Job Interview:

  • Are you experienced in this field?
  • Cost-of-living varies.You must take your monthly rent into account.
  • You have to get a clear mind of job duties and working hours.
  • How much benefit can you contribute to the company?
  • How can you help the profits increase efficiently?
  • How to secure more potential clients for the company?
  • Can you accept the job if the salary is unsatisfying?
  • Will you turn down the job offer if the salary is underpaid?

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