Rationality Is the Best Tool for Money Investment - Wise Library 1985

Financial advisor and author of The 8 Biggest 401(k) Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Mitchell Bloom says: it’s important to develop an investment philosophy so you have guidelines to keep you on track when emotions get in the way of investing. He claims that“Emotions can hinder a good investment plan in different market environments, whether you’re experiencing a bull run where the markets are up, or a bear market where the markets are off 20% or more from their highs.”


Many investors focus on “dollar cost averaging,” which describes a strategy where you invest the same amount of money every month.


# Peer-to-Peer Lending

Platforms like Lending Club and Prosper allow you to loan money to individuals like what the banks do.



Why Emotion Is The Enemy Of Investing – Money Crashers

6 investing scams triggered by your emotions


財務顧問兼《最大的八個401(k)錯誤和避免方法》一書的作者米切爾·布盧姆(Mitchell Bloom)說過:制定投資理念非常重要,因為他說:情緒可能會在不同的市場環境阻礙良好的投資計劃






Wise Library 1985

Wise Library 1985