Travel Guide: Attractions and Activities in Goa - Wise Library 1985

Travel Guide: Attractions and Activities in Goa - Wise Library 1985

Food diversity and cultural diversity make Goa a perfect holiday destination. The locals are famed for their hospitality for the tourist. Goa’s long stretch of sandy coastline is famed for its multitude of beaches. Goa has gorgeous beaches, flea markets, tasty mouth-watering seafood.  Most popular tourist spots include Calangute Beach, Baga Beach, Palolem Beach, Miramar Beach and  Anjuna Beach. Indeed, there are more than 20 beaches to visit in Goa. Thus, one of the recommended ways to explore here is to rent a motorbike or scooter.


# Plan your itinerary

Goa is frequented by tourists throughout the year. If you are fond of water sports, visit Grand Island. If you prefer to party all night, Tito’s Street is the place for you.  Goa is famous for its beaches, forts, hills,  churches, ravishing nightlife, etc. 



#Food Diversity: Authentic Water-mouthing Seafood 

image source: Goa Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

image source: Goa Restaurant & Cocktail Bar 

# The impact of alcohol abuse on the brain 
Alcohol consumption can potentially cause damages in the brain, including short-term memory loss, decreased brain cells, poor sleep quality and alcohol dependence.


Alcohol abuse can damage or kill neurons. Researches verified that sustained periods of drinking causes shrinkage of the brain. Excessive drinking can result in brain deficits or permanent damage to the brain that inhibits the brain from keeping new memories. 


#Sahakari Spice plantation

This is the largest scale spice farm here.  You are allowed to pluck and taste pepper or take a bite of Peri-Peri, literally the hottest chilies of the world.  If you consider yourself adventurous, an elephant shower will render you an unforgettable experience for sure. 

image source/ Sahakari Spice Farm | Facebook


#Baga Beach 
It is the most crowded beach in Goa. Baga beach is famed for Shacks serving.  It’s known for stunning nightlife, beach parties, and authentic mouth-watering seafood dishes.  If you enjoy drinking and dancing, Baga beach is the place for you.  Baga Beach is popular for outdoor activities.  You are able to experience various water sports here such as jet skiing, parasailing, banana ride, boat water-sports, parasailing, etc. Querim beach is less crowded. 

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# Ecotherapy: The benefits of spending more time in nature 

Sunlight triggers the release of hormones in your brain. Exposure to sunlight helps increase brain’s release of serotonin. Low levels of serotonin have a direct link with a higher risk of major depression. Exercise also helps stimulates the release of dopamine and serotonin.



# Dudhsagar waterfalls

 It is located approximately 60 Km from Panjim. You may consider hiring a jeep from Castle Rock. 

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#Sunshine Vitamin

Sun exposure keeps our bones healthy. Because our body produces vitamin D under the sun. Vitamin D helps our body absorb calcium.Sunlight guarantees a lot of benefits, esp mental health benefits. There’s been growing evidence about the healing power of nature.  The positive impacts of spending time in nature are assured. Studies fond that natural environments help relieve symptoms of both physical and psychological distress, depression, anxiety disorders and insomnia.